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2022: Expanding upon the 'Habitat' Series 


In late 2021 I decided to move away from florals and brights and toward the hushed earthy tones of my 'Habitat' Series; 

a collection of bird's nest and birdhouse paintings. 

I have recently added a 'Habitat Series' page to this site.

Throughout 2022 I will continue to build on this body of work. 

I have 4 new bird's nest paintings underway at the moment and I plan to have completed 12 by the end of the year.

Once the collection is compete I will produce limited edition prints of the nests in simple white frames.

Dream Weaver

Limited Edition framed prints coming soon

Aston Gallery

The 'Habitat' Series originated with a painting named 'Fantail's Rest" which I painted for my own collection.

My intention behind painting large canvases was to fill my home with original works of art - pieces I would never see elsewhere.


The rickety wooden birdhouse in 'Fantail's Rest' swung in an old Tairare tree in my garden for over ten years.

 I later sold 'Fantail's Rest' to a Canadian couple who wanted a piece of NZ art in their home. I regretted parting with it

and the 'Habitat' Series developed from a need to replace it.


Works in progress ...

The painting shown below is part of a body of work featuring the native woodland on Mount Tamahunga.

The name of this painting is ‘Reverence’ which means 'to regard with deep respect’

This work is intended to express the feeling of reverence for time spent in nature.

For seeking out spaces where we are so quiet we can hear the whisper of our intuition instead of the constant chatter of our ego.

Spaces where the hustle of humanity dims ... no traffic, lawnmowers, sirens, jet skis, machinery, or voices

Just the sounds of nature and the beating our own heart.

native new zealand
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I am represented by the following galleries:

Art Matakana Gallery in Matakana

OBV Vineyard Gallery, Matakana

Inspirit Gallery in Cambridge, Waikato