Living and creating in Matakana, New Zealand, Nicolle is a self-directed artist working in acrylic on canvas.


Her work reflects how she sees life - vibrant and delightful, yet delicate and layered. 


Nicolle enjoys the simplicity of portraying her subject without abstraction or nuance. Her work is crisp and cheerful.


"I merge stylism with realism but I don’t attempt absolute realism. I deliberately avoid the fine detail realism requires and place more emphasis on shape, form, and the play of light. One of the most important elements I’m looking for is contrast. If there is contrast - there is drama. I consider what I would like to add, alter, or enhance to bring my signature style to the subject." 

Nicolle Aston

Nicolle's enjoyment of experimentation brings diversity across her paintings, but her main inspiration stems from an appreciation of the natural environment. 


"I find nature uplifting. In our busy world we are surrounded by the mass-produced, the manufactured, the disposables, the digitally enhanced, the devices, and the instantaneous. Nature reminds us to slow down, look around, and notice the splendor.”  

"I have always loved the vibrational energy of plants. Some of the first big words I learned as a child were the latin and botanical names of the flowering shrubs growing outside my bedroom window. Nature's layers of green energise me. When I’m in the studio I go through more tubes of green paint than any other colour.”


Nicolle sees visual art as a way to communicate without words and noise. "Art is a portrayal of perspective. There are no rights or wrongs, art is just what we see, value, and feel, and how we express it in our own unique way. Creativity can lift the viewer and the creator to a place where our optimism lingers a little longer, and we are reminded that life is worth living.”

"Each painting has a story, from concept to completion. The excitement of the initial sketch, the concentration, the layers, the long solitary hours in the studio, and the immense patience each piece demands gives painting an intrinsic value to me." 


Nicolle resides in a rural setting where she feels fortunate to work from her garden studio. "The studio has become a special place to focus on my love of painting. It doubles as a gallery for new works, and prints, and is an altogether peaceful and personal space.” 

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