The 'Habitat' Series is a collection of intricate bird's nest paintings and illustrations. 


Combining paint, ink, pumice gel and textured mediums, dry brush techniques, palette knives and acrylic pens. 


The tones are neutral and soothing. Fine pumice gel adds weight and a twiggy texture - bringing depth of field to each original work.

The nests are deliberately painted in my signature 'stylism'. This combines realism with exaggerated simplicity and form. Stylism places more emphasis on shape and contrast rather than on the fine detail realism requires. 



Dream weaver


Birds themselves represent freedom, peace and spirit. Their nests are symbolic - the birth place of a new generation, signifying hope, new life, emergence, family, hard work, resilience, and the changing seasons of life.

Nests are built with great effort, ingenuity and resourcefulness. The parents work incredibly hard to forage for materials. Nests are elaborately woven through with twigs, moss, grasses, animal fur, sheep and alpaca wool, mud, branches, plastic, and discarded waste. 

In cities the soft insides of discarded cigarette butts are often found in bird's nests. The toxicity of cigarette butts becomes a deterrent to parasites that might otherwise attack the nest.  One in three bird's nests now include manmade debris.


Dream Weaver
Habitat Series

The nests are illustrated in a modern and contemporary way. Set in contrast against a clean white backdrop. Some are so complex in their weaving and construction, they become almost abstract in design.

Bird's nests are more than 'subjects' I chose to paint. They are meaningful in myriad ways.


I live on the fringe of hundreds of acres of protected native bush and wetlands. The bird life in the area is diverse. I hear Kiwi calling at night. I love to photograph wildlife. These artworks are an extension of my love of birds and their habitats.


Bird Nest Series


As this series expands some of the works will include environmental statements; such as nests threaded through with plastic, city scape nests perched precariously on traffic lights; symbolic of the stripping away of vegetation and natural habitat.

I like to capture the energy of the environment; a wind whipped coastal nest, or a nest constructed with thorny twigs. It strikes me as poignant that these delicate cocoons face extreme adversity from predators and must brace themselves against harsh elements to remain safe and intact. The delicate eggs and naive chicks within them have no concept of the fragility of their situation.


The same might be said for humanity.


760mm x 760mm

Exhibited at OBV Gallery
Woven Home
'Woven Home'
760mm x 760mm

West Coaster
'West Coaster'
760mm x 760mm
1010mm x 1010mm

Dream Weaver

'Dream Weaver'

760mm x 760mm

Mother Nature
'Mother Nature'
760mm x 760mm