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Hello and Welcome ...

Thanks for being here. I hope you are able to find a moment to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy what you see. 

The purpose behind my art is to draw attention to nature. To encourage us to give her more than a passing glance.

To sincerely look at, and experience nature with all of our senses and to feel uplifted by the beauty that surrounds us 

even in the most ordinary of circumstances. 

Earth is one thing we all have in common, and nature is the almighty backdrop to all of our lives. 

We live fast paced lives, lost in thought, and in our every day momentum to be somewhere, or to be someone, we march past nature’s miracles and magnificence. Our daily lives and all we deem important would simply not exist if nature did not support and sustain us.


As children we are enchanted, entertained, and mesmerised by nature. Then she becomes familiar, and as our busy lives

are played out on nature's stage we sometimes forget to marvel at her.  At the end of our lives nature is still there to comfort us when so much else has come and gone.  


Nature has mastery over creativity and is infinitely intelligent. I love photographing the natural world and many of my paintings are cropped to magnify my subject. I aim to bring the diverse beauty of blooms, foliage, natives, and birdlife into people's homes to remind them, even for a fleeting moment that life is worth living! 

Life is colourful, complex, layered, delicate and .... beautiful.


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